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1) Indian Patent No.172923 of 26-12-1990: “An Improved Three Phase Pulse Width Controlled Semi-converter”.

2) Indian Patent No.173583 of 26-12-1990: “Static Phase Converter for Energising and Operating a Three Phase Load from a Single Phase Supply”.
3) US Patent No. US8,593,030 B2 dated 26-Nov-2013: “Rotating Electric Machine for Generating a Constant Frequency AC Power Supply from A Variable Speed Prime Mover”. 


1) Indian Patent Application No.753/KOL/2010 of 07-09-2010: “An Improved Rotating Electric Machine for Generating AC Power Supply from A Variable Speed Prime Mover”.

2) Indian Patent Application No.1157/KOL/2013 of 08-10-2013: “Three-Phase Thyristor Controlled Reactor with Reduced Harmonic Currents”.