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1) Biography is listed in “Reference India” (Biographical Note about men & women of achievement), page 123.

2) Has been invited to participate in a meeting of selected young scientist with the Prime Minister in 1989.

3) One Research Paper on gate drive technique for IGBT (sl. No.16 of papers published in IEEE conferences outside India: “A modular gate drive circuit for insulated gate bipolar transistors”) is referred in the Application Notes for IGBTs by two major manufacturers in the world – International Rectifier of USA and SGS-Thomson of France.

4) Name is recorded on the panel that finalized the IEEE Standard 519–1992 : “Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems”.

5) Research papers are referred in at least 17 International patents by major manufacturing companies in Europe, USA and Japan:

Example: ABB (Switzerland) (EP0509118A1), ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. (Germany) (US7042182B2), General Electric (USA) (EP0881760A3), Honeywell International Inc. (USA) (US7777370B2), Minebea Co. Ltd. (Japan) (EP1440501B1), Mitsubishi (Japan) (EP0740406A3), Philips (US2013/0135031A1), SEMIKRON Electronik GmbH & Co. (Germany) (EP1643646A1), Siemens (Germany) (EP2530817A1, US7415072B2 and EP0840443B1), Soft Switching Technologies Corporation (USA) (US 5969957), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (US 7804130B1 and US8153492B2), Volterra Semiconductor Corpn. (USA) (US8169081B1) and others (US5272616, US5402053).